You are going to feel your testicles crushing under her whole body

There you are, I have something very special planned for your punishment tonight. I have modified the crush box in a way you might find interesting or cruel (your choice). I have installed four big metal screws around the hole for you testicles.

They are in a square and rise up a good 4 inches out of the board. Now that by its self is nothing to worry about but I have a square transparent acrylic plate with 4 holes drilled into each corner. This allows me to securely to put the plate over your testicles and it won't move.

Once you are firmly tied up and your testicles are locked in place I will lower the plate on top of them. I can then stand on the plate and the plate will transfer all of my weight to your testicles. The screws will ensure that the plate does not touch the base of the box so I can be confident that your testicles are being crushed by my entire body weight. I will I have also put in two poles on each side of the crush box so I can balance in place and remain in place for as long as I want.

That's right you are going to feel your testicles crushing under my whole body. We both agree that a woman standing completely on man's balls is the ultimate display of submission. This we can keep the weight on your testicles for as long as I want. I can look down though the transparent plate at your bruised flattened testicles with joy.

I can also look down at your face and see the pain in your eyes as you twist in agony under the crush box. You can suffer knowing nothing you can do can ease the intense pain of the crush. Now I can give you the crush you deserve and push your testicles to their limits. As the punishment progresses and the pain slowly get worse I wonder how loudly you will scream. I wonder how much I can flatten your testicles. I bet they will look like two meat pancakes under the crushing plate.

But first I think a few dozen full force kicks to warm up. It would be a shame for you not to feel these shoes impact your testicles. Just to give you a taste of the pain to come. Then into the crush box you go. Don't look so scared, you know this is going to happen. Even as the pain is at its most intense just remember this is all just to please me.

Pushing your testicles to their limits