You are to remain standing with your legs parted during the ballbusting punishment

Here you are sir I hope this room is to your liking and that you have a pleasant stay with us. Before I go there once one other thing and it is very important. There is a young woman in room 206 who said you pushing in front of her at the bar. She is not happy about that and would like it if you were punished for it. She has had to leave on business but the hotel offers a ballbusting service for our guests.

At this hotel we fully embrace the changes to the law allowing a woman to ballbust a man if she wishes. I think it's a good thing for us all and it really is the best way to settle any disagreements. I am sure you agree a well sir.

Shortly after the incident at the bar she came to the front desk and explained what had happened. Originally we were going to give her a key to your room so she could come here herself but she was called away. This is why she has asked me to punish you instead. When I told her I was experienced at ballbusting she gave me some instructions sir.

Firstly you are to remain standing with your legs parted during the punishment. Then I was asked to wear a large pair of platform heels so as to inflict as much damage as possible with each kick. She also asked I not hold back and kick you as hard as possible though out the punishment. She requested 100 kicks for your sentence which may sound like a lot but I think it is fair. Could you take off your clothes please I will need to kick your exposed testicles.

Thank you sir, now stand with your legs apart. I was thinking sir this service cost $200 so I thought it would be a good idea for you to pay as a way of saying sorry. No need to answer I have already charged your account. These rooms are sound proofed so it is ok if you scream. I will be kicking you as hard as I can and trying to maximize the damage I cause your testicles. It will also be incredibly painful for you sir so you will need to scream.

I will make your testicles a sore, swollen mess. Hopefully they will both be intact at the end although you have to understand I am instructed to cause as much damage as possible to your testicles. Which means I will try my best to rupture you. Towards the end when they are both heavily damaged I will focus on one of your testicles and when I kick it I will try and trap it between your body and the front of my shoe. After a few of these it should rupture then I will go after your last one and try and take that one as well. It nothing personal I am just following the instructions sir.

When you are ready sir we should begin.

She will make your testicles a sore, swollen mess