You can feel it but your testicles are really quite swollen

I am sure you can feel it but your testicles are really quite swollen. Well I suppose I have been torturing them for an hour and a half so that is to be expected. I think my little hammer did most of the damage. Or maybe it was the clamps? I did ensure each testicle was flattened for some time, who knows.

I was very kind of you to help me with my collage paper. Not many people would let me tie them up and do what I did. It was kind of you to volunteer plus you get extra credit for helping me.

As we use testicle torture more and more I think we need to research the effects it has on its victims. So that is what I have based my paper on. I have documented the effects of pain caused by different torture methods but one thing is missing. I haven't observed a man suffering a ruptured testicle!

O sorry didn't I tell you when I asked you to volunteer? O well your here now you may as well help me while you are here. Which testicle can I rupture?

If you don't pick I will! Ok I'll pick the left one, it's a big bigger. How shall I rupture it? I could use the hammer; a few good smacks should do it. Or the vice, I could slowly crush it. Yeah I like that idea, that way I could make it last ages. I think a slow crush would be best.

Ok I'll get the vice in place. While I am gradually closing the vice you need to tell me what you are feeling and describe the pain. If you are not clear then we will have to do this again on your other ball so don't miss anything out.

If you are very good I might let you keep one testicle. I might!

If you are very good she might let you keep one testicle