You can stair at her all you want while she knee you in the balls over and over again

Hey you. I have seen you staring at me all morning! Don't deny it I know you were. Any way I did not come out here to argue, I came out to give you your much deserved punishment.

I don't want to do it out here there are too many people around, follow me into the woods. Once we have found a quiet spot I will carry out your punishment. You can stair at me all you want while I knee you in the balls over and over again. I will force you to stand still and face me while I inflict cruel pain on your testicles.

Each impact with the knee or my foot will cause a tittle bit more damage and add to the pain. Eventually as the torture takes it toll your testicles will fail. They will split and rupture inside the sac. It is a process that will take hours and cause you horrible agony but it is what I have decided for you. Even though it will mean pain and permanent loss for you I think we can both agree that it is an appropriate punishment for the situation.

If you are very good and cooperate fully I might (and I mean might) leave you will one battered swollen testicle intact. You can't get fairer than that can you? Come on; now time to teach you a lesson.

The kicking torture takes it toll your testicles will fail