You can stand in front of her and enjoy her body as she kick you in the balls

Hey come over here and stand in front of me. Don't worry you are not in trouble.

You are a really great friend you know that. You have given up your whole weekend to come over here and help me clean up after my party. I was thinking as you have worked so have you deserve a reward. So I was thinking I could give you a ballbusting as a way to say thank you.

You can stand in front of me and enjoy my body as I kick you full force in the balls over and over. How many kicks would you like? I can kick you as much as you want. With these shoes I will have no problem bruising your balls and making them swell up. You have been so kind to me I will happily damage your testicles as much as you like.

How do I know you like this? I have seen you being kicked before and you liked it. I often kick men in the balls but when I kicked you just let me. You moved your legs apart so I could land a good hard kick and you liked it. I know you did, but it is ok I like ballbusting too.

I would like you to stand in front of me with your legs apart and try to take as many kicks as you can. If you promise to try and take as many kicks as you can. I will promise to kick you as hard as I can and cause as much damage as possible. You can think of it as a fun challenge and every time you come round I will give you a change to see if you can take more kicks than you did previously. So I want you to try really hard and set a high number today that way you really have to work to beat it.

After the kicks I can stand on your testicles if you like? I looked online and found if I spread my body weight over both of your testicles you should be able to support me. You can lye on your back and I will put a block of wood between your legs to place your testicles on. Then you can look up and enjoy my body and I can look down and enjoy your pain. As you get to control the kicks I get to control the crush. That means it is up to me how long you feel my full weight.

I love full weight crushing and don't want to rush it. This will mean very severe damage will be caused to your testicles and a very long recovery but I don't mind. Plus some thing tells me you don't either.

Go on. Take off you clothes and get ready.

She often kicks men in the balls