You could watch me with this guy as he gets me first

What do you think my new husband? Do you like it? Judging by the rise of your little willie, I think you do! Now aren't you glad we waited? OH, that knock at the door means my lover is here! Remember that big bouncer from the reception? I checked out his cock while you were dancing with your Mom and I asked him up here to be my first fuck as a married woman!

I know you figured that I would finally let you do it after we were married. Hell, I've been teasing you for almost non-stop since you proposed to me four years ago! I'm surprised that you actually held of and waited for me until after we got married. That shows me what a wonderful and special man you are, that you waited for me! I don't want to give that up, just because we are married! I want you to keep waiting for me.

The though of you still waiting, yet still wanting me, makes me feel so special, so warm inside. Hell, it kinda turns me on! Still, I'm not going to wait for you! I haven't these past four years, and I am not going to now! I'm just too turned on my thought of you waiting for me! You really should've just taken me four years ago! This is really your fault! You had your chance! That's why I tied and gagged you up and before I got changed, so you could watch me with this guy as he gets me first.

I don't remember his name... oh, but that cock! It's magnificent! So fucking huge and thick! And I will be so fucking good! I am gonna ride him until he's unconscious! I'm already wet, just knowing that you are going to watch me... and that you're still waiting for me... I might even let him come inside... OPPS! I better go let him in! He sounds impatient! Ah, fuck, I don't need to know his name...

Knock at the door means my lover is here