You get excited about her having sex with other men instead of you

Listen dear. This is important. Over the past year, I've done what you asked, and turned you into a cuckold. I can't say I understand why you get excited about me having sex with other men instead of you. But now I've got used to it, and I love being able to pick new partners all the time.

But you need to understand: a woman needs more from a relationship than just sex. That is why I need to move on to the next phase with the man I've been dating. I can't just meet him for sex anymore! In order for me to get something out of this, I need to know him. To spend time with him. To become closer to him.

I'm going out with him on a date tonight. A real date. We're going to the art gallery, then to a fancy place for dinner, then finally dancing. I'm leaving my wedding ring at home, and if anybody asks, I'll tell them that I'm with him. I need to feel closer to him, in order for the sex part to work. I'm sure that excites you, knowing that I'm going to be connecting with him on an emotional level too.

I'm going to get very into him. I'll keep his picture with me. He'll be my first option for speed dial on the phone. I'll talk to him all the time, and I'll even start staying over at his house. You can watch it all happen and get excited to know that he's taking your place in my heart. Don't complain. If I am to cuckold you, it needs to be done the way a woman wants it.

She's done what you asked, and turned you into a cuckold