You have four years to get used to those spikes in your chastity tube

Well my little chastity slave you did even worse in the second pool bet than you did the first time. You do still remember the first pool bet we made: we were playing to fifty points and the winner would get the loser as a slave for one month for every point they won by.

I guess it would have been fairer if I had kept my dress on, but I really wanted to win. You couldn't keep your eyes on the game and so you didn't end up playing very well and I got you as a slave for sixteen months. I laughed so hard at your facial expression when I brought out the chastity belt and locked you into it, and I've kept you locked in it the whole sixteen months you've been my slave.

I knew you were so looking forward to today: the day you would be able to stop being my slave. That is of course, until I told you I would destroy the only key to your chastity belt if you didn't agree to a new pool contest with the same rules as before. The spikes I installed in your belt last week were even more effective than I thought they would be: you only got two points.

I've decided I like the spikes so much I'm going to just leave them in place from now on, but hey just look on the bright side: you have four years to get used to those spikes until our next pool contest. Now, slave boy, I'm as horny as hell from watching you squirm and cry all night so I think it's time to go to our bedroom for some real fun.

Well my little chastity slave