You have me. Just don't tell my husband!

You know, you can stop babbling now. I've already decided that I'm going to fuck you. Once I saw the size of your cock... Don't look so surprised! You think women don't notice these things? When you climbed out of our pool last week, your wet swimsuit clung to your body and I could see just how well hung you really are!

It was then I decided that I was going have you. And here you thought YOU were doing the seducing! That's so cute! So relax! You have me. Just don't tell my husband! He's rather... lacking in the men's department. And I don't want anything to ruin your friendship! Just be clear: This is sex. I love my husband, but I want to fuck you. Now go ahead. Get undressed. But slowly! I want to watch...

My husband is lacking in the men's department