You have to remain silent and still while she carries out your punishment

What now! Look I don't want to hear any more complaining. Yes it hurts, I know it hurts, I is supposed to hurt. I know your testicles are badly damaged I want them to be. If fact serious testicle damage is the main goal of this punishment, well that and pain. That is why I am wearing these cruel heels and why I am kicking you full force.

I expect you to remain silent and still while I carry out your punishment. You will keep your legs apart until I have administered the final kick. I am not your girlfriend and this is not a playful kicking session. I am a work college and this is a serious punishment. You did not meet your sales target so you have been ordered to suffer this punishment.

I can see you are worried about the damage to your testicles. They are very swollen and these shoes are known for causing ruptures well below the 100 kick mark. But you need to accept this is going to happen to you. You have been sentenced to 85 kicks and that is what you will feel.

It does not matter how badly your testicles are damaged you will take all 85 kicks. I'll be honest you probably will have a rupture but I have booked an appointment at the hospital. Given the severity of this punishment I will take you there strait afterwards.

Now you will stand still and keep your legs apart. There will be no more discussion and you will face this punishment. Given you have complained I will report this to management as disobedience which they take very seriously. I also think it is appropriate to add an additional 15 kicks to your sentence. I trust you accept and consider this to be fair?

Good that's more like it. So now you will take the remaining 42 kicks. These will be given with full force and without mercy. Get ready and try to remain still. I want to strike your testicles perfectly each time with my shoe to cause as much damage as possible. Now you are taking 100 kicks management will expect to see at least one rupture. I hope you understand.


She wants to strike your testicles perfectly each time