You like the idea of cleaning the cum of a real man off your girlfriend

Your girlfriend returns to the hotel room. "Baby, I met this really hot guy on the beach. I've been thinking a lot about your idea for me to fuck another man and I think I'm going to go through with it. I want it to be him. He was really groping me afterwards at the bar. And you won't have to worry! I'll be really close by. He's in the room above us. He said he couldn't wait to blow a load all over my tits... Wow, you're really pitching a tent through that swimsuit baby."

She looks over at the clock on the wall.

"One sec! I have something for you." She tears off her bikini top and runs out on the balcony, arching her back, looking up. Her body is so toned, her tits look magnificent. You can't help but furiously jerk off while she publicly shows off her body. Coming from what looks like the balcony above, is about 5 or 6 steady streams of a white substance... then some final drips, hitting her chest and tits...

He just fucking came on her? He really couldn't wait to blow that load on her. You're furious, but you jerk off even faster as you watch her catch the last few drops in her mouth. She then walks in the room with her cum drenched tits, now dripping down her sexy toned stomach. She lies down on the bed...

"Come clean his cum off me. I know this is what you want. I've seen all that dirty porn you have on the computer at home. You like the idea of cleaning the cum of a real man off your girlfriend, don't you? Well come on then. Now's your chance to support me getting fucked tonight. And trust me, he is a REAL man.

His cock is HUGE and he comes at least five times as much as you do, as you can see. Now get to work sweetie. And don't even think of cumming until every drop is clean off me.

Your idea for her to fuck another man