You like to sniff older women's panties

You met her in the building laundry room and she seemed like a pleasant woman about your mother's age.

Her looks were always unreadable, but you talked about the weather and how her sister in Cleveland is dealing with her divorce...

One day she invites you to her apartment 8 floors above yours. It's a nice place well decorated but spartan and a bit smaller then your place. She sits on the chair after offering you some Iced tea...

So young man why don't you have a girlfriend?

you blush and admit that you're very awkward with girls

Well maybe it's because you spend all your time working on your computer alone? I never see you go out.... Or perhaps its maybe because you like to sniff older women's panties in the laundry room..

you sit in a state of shock. OMG how did she see

It's ok young man... I'm flattered you think that way of me... how old are you?

you sheepishly admit your age

I could be your mother (she giggles) well then I must assume that you're a virgin then and I can tell by your embarrassment I'm right. If you wanna be my handsome young boyfriend I'll teach you all you need to know... but it will cost you.

you ask your tuition

See the key around my neck... let me tell you all about that...

I must assume that you're a virgin