You now have to ask my permission for everything you do

Well big brother I have a big surprise for you.

For starters mom told me all about your new situation. I can't believe you would tell your own mother that you have a chastity fetish. But what really shocked me was that Mom's reaction was to help you fulfill it.

I can tell you are embarrassed about it and to tell you the truth you should be.

Well the reason Mom told me about it was for advice. She told me that after only two months of being locked up you begged her to let you out and she asked me what she should do. After all two months really isn't a very long time to live out your fantasy so maybe you changed you mind and decided you didn't like the idea of chastity anymore. Or maybe you wanted her to deny you.

Well I was not about to let an opportunity like that slip by me. It only took me a minute of thinking and I got a great idea. I confessed to Mom that I also have a fetish: a fetish for dominating men. It didn't even take me ten minutes to convince her to let me have your key. After all if she was willing to fulfill your fantasy why wouldn't she help me fulfill mine? And this way she can help us fulfill both of them at the same time and stay out of it.

So from now on I will be deciding how often you get to cum and I can guarantee you will be waiting a lot longer than two months. I've also come up with a few rules you are to follow; that is if you even want to cum again.

First off, you will be doing all the house work and yard work from now on. Second, I fully expect you to wait on me and my friends hand and foot. Third, I will be getting all of your allowance, plus I expect you to get a part time job and give me your paychecks. Forth, you will now be required to wear frilly pink panties at all times, and I may have you dress in full drag for my amusement. Fifth, you now have to ask my permission for everything you do, including: going to the bathroom, sleeping and eating. Ill probably be making up more rules as we go.

And finally I will be punishing you whenever you break one of the rules I have set for you, or if I happen to feel like it, which explains why I have this cane. Now pull down your pants and bend over.

Well big brother I have a big surprise for you