You remember that shefs training to be a cop

Hey Tiger,

Remember I told you that my friend Rolanda is staying with us for a few weeks?

-you awnser while looking into her beautiful blue eyes-

I expect you to show her the same courtesy you show me...(Rolanda gives you a look you've seen many times and it makes you blush)

Awwww he know fs what that means... he's a smart one (she has a mean tone)

Rolanda then peels down her spandex fogging shorts and pulls your head down to clean the sweat and greese from her early morning Smile run... You remember that she's training to be a cop...

As you slurp up her stickyness and inhale her rather intence scentyoufre shure glad all cops aren't like Rolanda...

You'd commit alot more crime

She's training to be a cop