You stand there and tell your wife to have sex with another man...? | Cuckold stories

Really? That's what you'd like me to do? You stand there and tell your wife, a woman who had pledged her love and fidelity to you, that you think It would be...'hot'... if I where to have sex with another man...?

Think carefully, little man. If I do acquiesce to your ill conceived fantasy, it cannot be undone. Furthermore, a woman who allows a man access to her body just cannot merely have sex. Women are not that detached from our feelings. It is quite possible that I will develop feelings for this other man you would offer me to like a trinket sold online! It is quite possible that you may not only lose my body to his superior love technique, but that I may lose my mind to his charms, and that I may lose my heart to him! You, dear husband, will become just a fading memory as I begin my life with him, a husband in name only, whose wife has found fulfillment with another...

I see doubt in your eyes. Do you see the folly in your request? Do you wish to rescind your salacious fantasy?

It is too late. You have stirred lascivious thoughts in me, desires both forbidden and taboo! I will cuckold you. I will take another man into my body and into my heart, and we shall see if in the future you will come to loath this day you aired your true feelings. I, too, wish to see if another can take me away from you.

The thought of you home, atone, pinning for me with worry while I am out with another man who is trying to take me from you, as I offer him what was once yours, and allow me to explore the pleasure that only a married woman can endure...

I find these thoughts provocative and delicious! Yes, you will become a cuckold! You may go home alone now. I think tonight I shall sample my new found freedom....

Yes, you will become a cuckold!

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