You want me to cheat on you with another man?

Wow. Let me get this straight. You want me to cheat on you with another man? And you want to watch? You actually want me to turn you into a cuckold? I love you very much dear, and I want to see you happy. If that is what you want, I'm willing to do it for you, but it has to be on my terms.

If I'm going to share my pussy with another man, it's going to be off-limits to you. Do you understand? No more sex with me, ever! And if you're my cuckold, then you're going to have to be my sissy. If you're really serious about this, here is what I want you to do. Put on one of my bras. A black one that will show through your shirt. Then go down to the store, and buy yourself a box of tampons and a box of pads.

Make sure to ask the clerk which ones are the most absorbent. Then go buy yourself some lipstick, mascara and eye shadow. Make sure to ask the girl at the counter to help find something that matches your skin tone. Then go buy yourself a skirt. Ask to get fitted so you're sure it's in your size. Then ask for help finding a nice top so you'll have a coordinated outfit. Finally, go get fitted for a pair of heels.

Bring it all back home, shave your legs, then get dressed up in your new outfit. By then Ill have a man over here. As you put on your makeup, I'll be having sex with him, and your new life as my sissy cuckold will have begun. I can see by the bulge in your pants that you agree. Get going sissy! Then hurry back!

You want to watch me to cheat on you