You were the one who wanted me to start having sex with other guys

I'm sorry honey, but this doesn't belong to you anymore. Just remember, this was all your idea. You were the one who wanted me to start having sex with other guys. I didn't understand why having me cheat on you would be a turn-on, but I did it because I love you.

But I warned you that there could be consequences if I went ahead and did it. And now look what happened. After dating Peter for a month, and having sex with him night after night, I've developed feelings for him. I really do love him, and my body is addicted to his cock!

Yes, you're still my husband and I do love you in a way, but Peter really takes charge, and I just melt when he tells me to do something! When he told me that I wasn't allowed to have sex with you anymore because he was my man now, I knew in my heart it was true.

I'm letting you see me almost naked this one last time, as a favor to you for all the wonderful years we've had together as husband and wife. Just know that from now on, my body belongs to him. My heart belongs to him.

The baby in my womb belongs to him too. Oh, did I forget to tell you? Peter and I are expecting! Isn't that wonderful dear? I told you there would be consequences! If you're upset, you only have yourself to blame for all of this.

My body is addicted to amoner men's cock