You will allow me to have sex with another men

No dear, I didn't promise that! I said I'd marry you, and be your wife forever. I didn't promise anything about not having sex with other men! I wouldn't have married you if I had to do that! No dear, even though I'm your wife now, you will allow me to date other guys

You will allow me to have sex with them, any time I want. You will even call your friends for me when I ask you to, and you will have them come to our house so they can fuck me. Why? Because of all those pictures I took of you when I drugged you and made you sleep for hours.

Pictures of you wearing my clothes, sucking a dildo, and being kissed by a guy. If you don't do as I command, I'll send the pictures to everybody. And my friend who kissed you will go around saying you two have been having an af f iar. Is that what you want to happen to you? No? Good.

So its agreed. I'm allowed to get laid by other guys, but you must be loyal to me. Now call your friend Bob. I want him to fuck me right now!!!

Sheis allowed to get laid by other guys