You will learn to sleep while have your dick teased

No way, we aren't done, we've barely gotten started. I mean sure I found out how long it took for you to beg me to stop licking your dick, but it's only been a few hours. I didn't go to the trouble of getting into this outfit for just a few hours of information: the experiment is to find out the effects of long term continual cock teasing.

A few hours is simply not a long enough time for any significant data, even days or weeks won't be enough; I was thinking more along the terms of months or even years. I told you when you signed the agreement that I wasn't sure how long this would last.

So just relax, the institute that funded this experiment has hired a team of teasers who will take turns and tease you around the clock, day and night. The biggest question I have right now is whether you will learn to sleep while have your dick teased or if you will go insane from sleep deprivation.

By the way I have another idea for an experiment when this one is done: the effects of long term chastity. Now you haven't agreed to that one yet but after a year or so of constant teasing I'm guessing you'll be willing to sign just about anything. Oh, and by long term chastity I wasn't thinking in terms of years but of decades.

The effects of long term chastity