You will stand and face her while she carry out moderately painful kicks to your testicles

I thought I would be nice to you especially because you paid for this hotel room. You have also been very cooperative and understanding about all this even though I plan to torture your testicles.

Some one at work has stolen my credit card and I want to find out whom. I thought the best way to go about this is to Interrogate some of my coworkers. I will ask you questions and while I ballbust you. You will stand and face me while I carry out moderately painful kicks to your testicles. Constantly kicking you is a good idea because the pain will make it harder for you to make up lies. This means you are more likely to tell the truth as lies often need explaining. Which will be hard when you are taking kicks to your testicles every 10 seconds or so. It is a harsh but fair way to question a man.

I will expect you to stand and take these while I question you and if I don't like an answer or think you are not telling the truth I will intensify the kicks. This will mean more pain inflicted and more testicle damage caused. I will continue to kick you at the harder level until I am happy with your answer.

If harder kicks are not enough then I will place your testicles on a wooden block and I will stand on them. I am sure the pain of me balancing on your balls will make you tell the truth. The longer I stay on them the more pain you feel, also after a good crush they will be very sore and probably bleeding inside. I have never been one to shy away from destructive punishment and today am no exception.

But then if you change your story and I am happy with your answer we won't stop the torture. We will go back to moderate kicking instead. Telling the truth and cooperating will not prevent pain but only mean you feel less. After crushing your balls kicking them will be hell for you so you better be honest with me. I have quite a few questions so you better be able to last though it all.

I hope you understand that I have to be cruel to get the answers so I make no promise that both your testicles will be intact when I have finished.

So then would you like to have a drink with me? Then I will tie your hands behind you back and we can begin the interrogation.

Crushing your balls kicking them will be hell