Your chastity belt is inside this purse

This morning my wife called to my office asking urgently to talk with me, so I had to leave the important meeting I was having. She sounded very worried, and asked me to meet her in the park, near my office's building, in five minutes. She didn't want to explain me what was going on, by phone.

I ran out my office and when I got there, she had already arrived.

I found her sitted by the garden, dangling her handbag in the air, just in front of me.

When I asked her what was happening, she showed one of her wicked smiles and said: Someone has told me, that your company has hired your former girlfriend of college times; is it true, honey?

I answered her calmly, trying to downplay the issue, but I reckon my jaw, should be almost touching the ground.

I don't even know how she found it out!

Well, yes. But is it so important to interrupt my work?

We can talk about the old times, later at home, don't you think, dear?

Her smile turned into a frozen grimace and replied: Of course not! If you were not brave enough to tell me it before, I cannot trust you.

So there are no more words to say. Your chastity belt is inside this purse, so both of us, are now going discretely behind one of those trees, to fix it on you. And I warn you, it won't be taken off anytime soon, and for sure, never in working days.

To fix chastity belt on you