Your next orgasm being put on my Xmas list

Hey Tiger, I'm so looking forward to meeting your mom. She sounds so nice from what yon told me. (she smiles)...How abont we make this an interesting dinner out...

You feel that funny feeling and blush

We're gonna play chess, if you win you get laid tonight.

But if you lose then you have to admit to mommy why I've made yon such a respectable gentleman...

You ask about if yon dont play

Well then how does your next orgasm being put on my Xmas list for you sound?

Seeing as it's not even april you better take the challenge.

Good boy (she pinches your cheeks and pokes your nose playfully) If you'll excuse the BBC cuckholding pun I think I'll play black.

Nervous laughter as your cage tightens at the sight of her shiny legs. This is gonna take some serious concentration but the cum is blocking up your brain...

Cum is blocking up your brain