Your next period in caged will be extended to couple of weeks

Sorry honey, if you had come a bit earlier, we could have dealt with this in a different way, for sure, more pleasurable for you.

It was certainly a bad luck strike your boss asking you to stay late today, just the day your monthly release was scheduled, but I had warned you in advanced, that tonight it was my "girls night". Certainly an unfortunate coincidence.

So I am already in a hurry and I have not time to waste with you.

I have left the key on my bedside table if you want to take advantage of your chance while I am getting dressed, and this helps you to inspire yourself, you can fetch a towel from the bathroom and releave yourself now in my presence, you are allowed to. Otherwise, if you prefer to wait one more month until your next scheduled chance, counting that your performance keeps going as good as it has been lately, it is up to you.

Ok, I see you have made your choice. Take care where you leave the towel. If you make a mess on the floor, your next period in caged will be extended a couple of weeks!

Ups! Have you really finished so soon? Fine, I hope you have enjoyed yourself.

Now, fix your device up quickly and hand me the key, I really have to go.

Fix your chastity device up quickly and hand me the key