Your only pleasure is to imagine your wife in bed with me

Imagine your wife standing there, naked, except for a sheet she holds up to cover her boobs. Knowing that you're not allowed to see them anymore excites you and makes you hard!

As you look down at her swollen belly, knowing that the baby growing inside her belongs to me makes you even more aroused! You love your wife so much, and love seeing her pregnant like this, with my baby inside her instead of yours.

You feel like you're about to cum as you imagine her in bed with me. It makes you want to worship her and beg her to allow you to serve her. The idea of being her slave turns you on, almost as much as the idea of serving me, her man. I am her man now, and you are my slave. You will obey her, and you will obey me.

You belong to me now, slave. When you wake, you will thank me for impregnating your wife, and you will ask my permission to jerk yourself off, as you imagine me making love to her. You are mine now. You are my slave. And your only pleasure is to imagine your wife in bed with me...

You're not allowed to see her breasts anymore