Your testicles are exposed and you look ready for ball-busting

Now we are alone we can talk. I don't think there is anyone around for miles.

Remember then we passed the two female hikers about an hour ago? I totally saw you checking them out. It was only for a second but you did look? Just admit it so we can begin your punishment.

Ok I am glad you admitted it now we can discuss how to punish you. You only looked for a second and you may be innocent but I think it's important you are punished any way. You know your punishment needs to be a long one doesn't you? It must also be very painful. I trust you understand.

I think we will start with kicking you in your testicles. Hard kicks and shall we say 100 of them? Then 50 knees as well. That will cause some damage and get them all swelled up. Plus I imagine that will cause you a great deal of pain.

After that I would like to make this punishment special so we will try something different. I have some long barbed needle I have been saving for a time like this. I will slowly push 2 thought each swollen testicle long ways so the needle is inside as much or your testicle as possible. Then we are going to leave then in and continue the walk back. We'll stop every now and then so I can turn them and renew your pain. I'll even make you keep them in during the drive home.

Maybe if you are really good I will slowly pull them out tonight. I know these seams harsh but I think it is a fair punishment.

Take your clothes off and we will start with the kicks.

Good your testicles are exposed and you look ready. You know I love you don't you?

We will start with kicking you in your testicles