Your testicles are quite strong so they should survive a round of hard stomping

I am really proud of you slave. You took all those kicks standing up! I thought you would fall half way through but you took all the kicks on your feet. You did really well especially considering I was using my big heels.

I was kicking full force as well, I was not holding back and aiming to cause some testicle damage, seeing as you are new to ballbusting I have been holding back the past few times but now I think you are ready for a session without limits. That means agonizing pain, real testicle damage and long recovery times. All the stuff I enjoy.

Don't worry about getting up just lay on your back. I am going to introduce you to the crush box. It a great way to demolish a pair of balls and I love it so much. Your testicles appear to be quite strong so they should survive a round of hard stomping, even with these heels!

As a reward for your good behavior I'm going to put my full weight on your testicles! Once in the crush box and you have taken the stomping I will place one ball under each foot. Then I slowly shift my weight to your testicles until it is all on them. Hopefully your balls don't collapse and you get to experience the pain of all my weight on your testicles.

Don't worry about balance. I have put a handle bar on some rope and it is hanging from the ceiling that way I can maintain full weigh for as long as I like. Normally I would start with one minute for the first time but as you have been so good I'll treat you. You can have two minutes!

I'm so glad you have opened up to hard ballbusting and we can enjoy this together. Just stay still, I'll get the crush box!

She is glad you have opened up to hard ballbusting