Your testicles are really damaged but I want to keep busting them for a bit more

Wow this is really fun. I having a great time kicking and kneeing you in the balls. You're a great friend for letting me do this to you. I just thought as the law has changed legalizing this I should get some practice and learn how to do it.

I think I am getting better and my aim is certainly getting better. I can kick both testicles at once or I can focus on just one and trap it between your body and my shoe. When I do that you appear to feel more pain. Does that hurt you more?

Really its does. I suppose it causes more damage compressing it against your body like that doesn't it? I bet flattening them causes bruising all the way to the middle of the testicle. That must be why you were screaming in pain as well, its ok I kind of like hearing you screaming. I also actually like the idea of causing deep testicular damage and I bet it takes you longer to recover from as well?

It does well I'll have to do plenty more of that then. I can focus on one ball for a while then move to the over one. I want to keep the damage evenly spread I think that's the best way. I wonder how much more you can take them both look very swollen and they are covered in bruising. Are you in much pain right now?

Wow that much pain? This must be very hard for you. I know you are in a lot of pain and your testicles are really damaged but I want to keep going for a bit more. I was really enjoying kicking you and now your testicles are swollen it is so much more fun. I really want to make you scream again this must because you so much pain the way you scream. I love it I

One other thing before we continue, would you let me rupture one of your testicles? I just want to feel one pop and then we can go to the hospital and they can hopefully save it. Will you let me rupture a testicle, please?

Really! Wow thank you. It is so nice of you to let me do that to you. I'll take it real so, I don't want to rush this. Then I can focus on one testicle and then after a while the side splits open and there it goes. I suppose a few more kicks to make sure would be ok. Just to ensure it is ruptured then we can go to the hospital.

Ok are you ready, this is going to be so much fun!

She was really enjoying kicking you and now your testicles