Your testicles look like they have taken a real beating, there very swollen

Its ok baby we can stop for a minute. Just take a few deep breaths and just stay on your feet.

There you go baby now I can see your really struggling with this punishment aren't you? These heels are causing way more damage than my other ones and that must mean more pain for you as well. Your testicles look like they have taken a real beating, there very swollen I can see that from here. It has been a while since a ballbusting has brought tears to your eyes sweetie so the pain must be bad. Its ok baby, just keep breathing but keep your hands behind your back and your legs apart. Good boy.

Its nice to have a bit of quiet, did you know your cries of pain were getting pretty loud? After each kick you would let out a real twisted cry. These shoes must be doing a really good job.

100 Kicks it a lot baby but it is important you take them all and at full force. You have taken 79 so far so we are nearly there but you need to take the rest. Before we continue there is one last thing. Although I stopped the punishment I think I should add some more kicks. You probably would have fallen down soon anyway. Normally I would add 10 but as an act of kindness I will add 9 baby. So that's another 30 kicks to go.

Hopefully I don't rupture a testicle but the kicks all will be full force do you never know. Do you think you can remain standing if I do rupture one?

Maybe we will find out. You have had long enough to rest. Are you ready?

Hopefully she don't rupture your testicles with the kicks