Your testicles swelling up and you really struggling with the pain

Its ok sweetie you took most of those kicks really well. I counted 103 and they were all full force as well. I could see your testicles swelling up and you really struggling with the pain. I really have caused a lot of damage to your balls haven't I? Normally I would feel guilty but I know you don't mind me always kicking full force.

Its ok babe I don't mind you falling to your knees. I have been really hard on your balls lately. I have insisted on long and painful punishments and I have not being giving you long enough to recover between sessions.

I should probably be a bit easier for a while. I don't want to rupture your testicles. I love you too much but we both know you need to be punished on a regular basis. One thing I love about you is you agree with me that as part of any punishment you need to feel severe pain and your testicles must be badly damaged to do that.

I think I have just got a little carried away so I'll have too ensure your testicles have recovered before subjecting them to a prolonged ballbusting session. I'll do that after this session I promise. Gut we need to finish this session first don't we?

You have taken 103 out of 150 kicks and its only right you take the rest. I see your testicles are bruised and swollen but it is only fair we finish the punishment and all the kicks have to be full force as well.

One other thing you know the rule about you falling over mid ballbust. I don't mind if your legs give way especially if it is a painful session but the rule is I add another 10 kicks as a penalty. I don't think it would be fair on me or you if I did not add those extra kicks, it is important we obey the rules.

So that is 57 full force kicks you need to feel. You also need to be standing to take them as well and remember I add more kicks if you flinch or if you fall again so try and take them all.

Me kicking you will be very hard on your testicles but we both know it is the right thing to do. I really hope your balls are both intact after the last kick has been administered because I do love you. We just need to make sure this punishment has been fully completed before I can help you with the pain.

Come on sweetie get on your feet and take your hands off your balls. I know you can do this. Kiss, kiss.

Subjecting balls to a prolonged ballbusting session