Your wife has you enrolled to feminization school

Hello cucky! Welcome to feminization school. Your wife has you enrolled here for the full two week program. I'd like you to meet Frank, although from now on his name will be Francine. He will be your "girlfriend" and roomie during your stay. As you can see, he's already got some makeup on, so you're going to need to catch up with him!

I hope your wife sent you here at least wearing panties under your clothes! Lets get you out of them, and into some nice pretty, frilly things. This week, I'll be turning you into a lady. You and Francine will study together, work together, and do your best to leave here in a feminine state. You will learn about makeup, hair, clothes, nails, jewelry and everything you need to look feminine.

You'll learn how to sit, stand, walk and talk like a girl. Meanwhile, your wife is back home with her lover, getting fucked every day, right in your bed. She expects you to return to her docile and obedient. Don't worry dear. We will train you for that as well. As the ultimate present to your wife, you will also be trained as her cum slut.

That means you're going to learn to lick a man's cum from a pussy, just as you will do to her when you return. You will also leave here having learned how to suck a cock, and get your cum right from the source. Francine won't just be your roomie; she will be your lover.

You will suck each other's cocks every day. Don't try to run. Its no use. Your drink was drugged. Soon you'll fall into a deep sleep, and the hypnosis sessions will begin. Have a nice sleep! When you awake, you'll be docile, gentle, feminine, and ready to learn all I have to teach you. Night-night cuckie!

Welcome to feminization school