You've been in that chastity cage two weeks

"Let's see, you've been in that chastity cage for how long now, two weeks? So only two weeks to go before I let you out. Seems doable, doesn't it?

"But I know you've been really homy this past week. That's because IVe been teasing you non-stop, haven't I? And little dickie in his little cage cannot get hard. Poor little dickie!

"Well, I have a new game for us to play tonight. I'm sure you'll like it. I call it let's make a deal.'

"Would you like to see my boobs? It's been a long time, hasn't it? They're really sensitive right now, and I'm sure my nipples will get hard right away if I lift this shirt up. The deal is that if you want to see my boobs, you have to agree to remain in that chastity cage for an extra two weeks.

"Wait before you say anything - I'm not done. If you agree to stay in that cage for an extra month, then not only do you get to see my boobs, but you get to touch them. You get to squeeze them and pinch my nipples, you lucky boy.

"But that's not all. That's the minor stuff. No, if you're willing to spend an additional six months in that cage, then you know what I'll do? Ill spread my legs wide, right here, right now, and lean back on this bed. See, I'm not wearing any panties right now, and this little skirt I have is bound to rise and offer you an unfettered view of my little cunny. I've shaved it off, you know. It's all nice and smooth and so pretty. If you're nice, I may even play with it while you watch.

"Fuck, this is making me hot. Okay, you know what, let's make this a real fun game. A year. If you're willing to spend an extra year in that cage, then not only will I spread my legs, but I'll let you finger my cunt. You can even shove your fingers inside ~ I'll remind you how tightly I can suck you inside, 'cause I'm sure you've forgotten by now. Can you imagine that, finger-fucking me? I'll even let you suck my juices off your fingers when you're done.

"That's a year, baby. A full extra year without your little dickie getting hard. But that's not what you really want, do you? Watching me or touching me? Oh no, you want to cum, don't you? Well, if you're willing to spend the next ten years in that cage -that's more than 500 weeks, more than 3500 days - then I'll let you cum, right now. In fact, I'll blow you. Ill suck your little dickie, I'll put it in my hot wet mouth as far as it will go and lick and suck until you blow your load. I'll let you cum wherever you want too ** on my face, on my chest, hell, I'll even swallow your juice if that's what you want. I'll give you the best fucking head you've ever got, and you know I mean it. But after that, it's nothing for ten years. Nothing.

"What say you, baby? Wanna make a deal?"

You've been really homy this past week