You've been watching silently, as he fucked her

You've been a good husband dear. You stayed there, kneeling and watching silently, as he fucked me on the couch. And you did such a good job of picking out something pretty and delicate to wear! Your shaved legs look so cute in your nylons, and your skirt looks so soft and sexy.

With your makeup and your hair done up so nice, you really showed my lover that you're no threat to him, and by being so feminine and soft you let him know that he had your full permission to fuck me in front of you. As your reward for being such a good husband, I will now allow you to actually touch me.

It will have to be with your tongue of course, and you're going to have to clean up the mess that he left in me and on me! You're so good at being the maid around here, and I know what satisfaction it gives you to make things neat any tidy. Clean me up dear! Its your reward for being so good and so passive as he fucked me and came inside me.

Stay passive as he fuckes and cumes inside her