You've got pics of me cheating on you

That's me just about ready to go out baby. Panties? No of course not. I'm ready for action - I'm waxed, horny and moistening already. I'm in the mood for some really big cock tonight. Melinda's husband is away on business so I'll be spending the night there.

We'll go to a club and warm up with a few guys in the toilets then gather a posse, go back to hers and get gang-banged all night. Oooh is my boy getting all excited already? Whip your cock out and start wanking. No, don't touch me. Tonight I belong to every guy in town except you, well every guy with a big cock. You can have me back tomorrow. Go on, stroke it faster while you think about me getting all that cock.

Here, I'll pop a tit out - come on baby, spurt! You're my little pervert and I love you. Aaaww! You came when I said I love you - that's so sweet. OK, my pussy wants to get more traffic in it tonight than the Euro Tunnel on a busy day so I better go.

Remember the rules, I don't want you wanking about other women, so if you need another tug you've got pics of me cheating on you on your laptop and there are some dirty smelly panties in the hamper. I'll try to text you once or twice while I'm out making a mockery of our wedding vows by being a filthy adulterous whore. Have a nice night sweetie - bye.

Tonight I belong to every guy in town